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Our Beers

Tennent’s is an icon of Scotland and continues to be its leading beer brand which stands proudly to serve the country and beyond. Over the years the Tennent’s family has grown to now include four different beers, all with the same great taste and quality as our original recipe.

Tennent’s Lager

Tennent’s is more than just a great lager– it is a national treasure. As a product, it has always been known for being a great pint - dating back to its long history from 135 years ago when Hugh Tennent brought the recipe back from Bavaria. As well as a crisp, refreshing pint or half pint, Tennent’s is also available in 440ml, 500ml and 568ml cans and bottles.

Tennent’s Light

The latest addition to our family is Tennent’s Light. A refreshingly light lager that is only 114 calories per pint and less than 70 calories per bottle, making it the lowest light lager in Scotland.

Gluten Free T

No gluten, but same great taste. Gluten Free T delivers a citrus hoppy aroma, with a sweet malty flavour and a medium bodied after taste. Our Gluten Free T offers an award-winning alternative with a slightly stronger ABV without sacrificing any of the flavour you expect from Tennent’s.

Tank Lager

Tank Lager offers the freshest, crispest Tennent’s lager that you can get your hands on. The liquid is unpasteurised and delivered straight from the brewery to the copper tanks at the Visitor Centre bar. The first time the beer meets the air is when it hits your glass. So it is as close you can get to a fresh pint of T, straight from the brewery.