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Our Flagship Beer

You know it well. Tennent's Lager is more than just a great pint- it's a national institution and firm favourite. Scotland's best-selling beer.

Scotland’s best-selling pint

Inspired by pilsner-style beers, Hugh Tennent embarked on a challenge in 1885 – to produce a delicious and refreshing Scottish lager that rivalled that of the amazing flavours he experienced in Bavaria.

Hugh was a true innovator, and he produced something that, at the time, was considered a “madman’s dream”.

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Quality ingredients only

Brewed with simple, quality ingredients, Tennent’s Lager is made with the fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, exceptional Scottish malted barley, hops, and a unique historic strain of yeast. The perfectly balanced, crisp, refreshing taste that this produces is loved in bars, restaurants, and homes in every corner of Scotland and in over 60 countries worldwide. It’s no wonder that Tennent’s is the nation’s favourite drink!


We only source the water we need to make the freshest pints from Loch Katrine. A local source that will never run out. Our water usage in production is best in class, but we have also taken steps to further manage our water waste by investing in an on-site treatment plant at Wellpark to improve the quality of the waste water generated as a by-product of brewing. A first for a Scottish brewery, this facility reduces emissions and cuts the impact of wastewater discharge by 80%

We work with some 100 farms across Scotland to source only the finest barley, ensuring low delivery miles and supporting local farmers.

Hops do not naturally grow around here, but we made up for that by sourcing only the best. We use many different varieties, ranging from the great Hercules, a German staple, to cousin Tettnang, from the Bavarian region.

From Wellpark to the world

Tennent’s Lager is only ever brewed in Wellpark Brewery on Glasgow’s famous Duke St. It takes a very skilful team to produce the perfect pint, but luckily our brewers are complete experts in the practice and produce approximately 400,000 delicious, refreshing pints every day.

As well as a crisp, refreshing pint, Tennent’s lager is also vegan.

Enjoyed all over the world

While the only place you’ll find Tennent’s being brewed is in the heart of Glasgow, this legendary refreshment is enjoyed all over the world. Our lager is exported far and wide across the globe, from Glasgow to Africa, Milan and beyond.

However, while a crisp pint of T can be appreciated far from its home, the freshest pint poured takes place in our on-site brewery bar. This brewery-fresh tank beer comes straight from our impressive copper tanks. It has travelled a very short distance from the brewhouse to your glass, and we can guarantee it will be the most fresh and satisfying pint you will ever try.