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Tennent's Light

Boldly brewed for good times, Tennent’s Light has all the taste of Tennent’s and 3.4% ABV. It's also vegan and gluten free.

Boldly Brewed For Good Times

Made from 100 per cent Scottish grown cereals and fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, this crisp and malty-tasting lager is boldly brewed for good times at 3.4% ABV.

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What’s goes into Tennent's Light?

Truly Innovative
Truly Innovative

A completely new recipe, made entirely in Wellpark based on our award-winning Gluten Free T

100% taste
100% taste

Got good taste? So does our Light. A bright, well balanced lager with a slight fruity aroma and a hint of sweetness which is balanced with a clear bitterness.

The light beer of choice
The light beer of choice

60% of consumers tested preferred Tennent's Light to other light beer brands*. (*Source: Blind taste test research December 2019, n=151)'

Boldly brewed for good times

Tennent's Light Spotlight Project

Tennent’s Light is shining a spotlight on Scotland’s brightest upcoming talent, with 3.4% of every bottle and pint sold going towards supporting, developing and promoting the country’s grassroots creative talent.


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