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Tennent's Updates / Feb 11, 2021

Tennent’s: A 2021 Love Story

With pubs closed, gatherings outlawed and travel restricted, it’s no surprise a new survey of 1,000 single Scots shows dating is harder than ever before. But new stats from Tennent’s Lager reveal that despite two-thirds of singletons confessing they haven’t been on a date in a year the majority still believe in love at first sight (55%).

For the estimated 35% of the population not in a relationship it might be a quiet Valentine’s Dayhere is light at the end of tunnel according to Tennent’s which has launched a new video celebrating finding love outside of the usual comfort of the local pub.

The lockdown love story tells the tale of how two Tennent’s drinkers came together despite Cupid seemingly being on furlough. It shows that, while mask wearing is the new normal and walks the weekly highlight, it’s all in the eyes as the two romantics wink their way to a virtual date over a cold pint of Tennent’s at home – nae winchin’, just winkin’.

The film inspires Scots to keep their faith in romance alive, even though as well as giving up on dating, two-thirds of singletons admit they haven’t kissed anyone since the first lockdown last March. While you’re most likely to get a winch in Glasgow compared to any other region, 90% of single people in the Highlands and Islands haven’t had so much as peck since Covid.

Despite the dry patch, the majority of solitary Scots are still hopeless romantics who believe in love at first sight, with Perth ranking highest in the country as 80% of the city’s singletons remain optimistic about the powers of attraction. But with intimacy on hold, two-fifths of solo Scots have turned to flirting while wearing a mask, with winking or smizing topping the table as the most common techniques awkwardly attempted.

Unfortunately dating is in the doldrums compared to pre-pandemic levels when daters were averaging up to five liaisons a month in their quest for love. The intimate study shows that Valentine’s Day could be a lonely one, with only a fraction of romantic meetups set to take place compared to previous years – and those that are, taking place online.

Cameron Matthews, Tennent’s Senior Brand Manager, said:

“As Scotland’s favourite pint we’ve always had a keen eye for the nation’s true passions, so we know how unbelievably tricky it is right now for anybody craving connection, particularly while the pub shutters stay down. In fact, our survey shows meeting new people at all is extremely difficult across the country. Winching may be off the cards at the moment but we’re still romantics at heart – as the majority of single Scots believe in love at first sight, even if Cupid might be temporarily on furlough.

“We can’t wait until the bars reopen and we can enjoy cosy evenings together once again, meeting-up in real life over a few pints of ice-cold Tennent’s but until then, dating is a little bit different.”

Glasgow band Medicine Men’s track ‘We First Met’ from 2020 album ‘A Different Port’ provides an apt soundtrack for the video. Pre-pandemic the band were regulars on Glasgow’s usually vibrant live music scene and count playing T in the Park’s renowned T Break stage among their achievements.