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Sport / Jul 09, 2021

Thirst 11

The long-awaited summer of football might almost be over, but there’s one more important team announcement to be made.

To celebrate the years of service, dedication and brilliant stories that prove Scotland fans really were made for this summer, Tennent’s called on fans to stake a claim for a call-up to the Thirst 11 and we can now reveal the all-important starting line-up below.

Here’s to them (and the millions of Scotland fans who helped to make this summer one to remember).

Neil Haddow Nominated by Sinead Milloy

On what is meant to be a day where Football doesn’t even get a look in, Neil had other ideas. Instead of walking down the aisle, Neil decided walking up Wembley Way seemed a better idea to watch Scotland take on the auld enemy. Don’t worry though, Neil and his partner Sinead are due to tie the knot in September and we wish them a very happy and healthy life spent following Scotland together.

Kirk Forster

Kirk’s dedication was plain to see with the addition of a new tattoo…- “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” has been stuck in fans’ heads all summer, but Kirk will be stuck with the famous lyric for the rest of his life!

Phil Gallagher

Buying a house is a difficult decision. Many factors come into play when choosing your “forever home”. But not for Phil. His love for Scotland and Hampden Park made it an easy choice. So much so that he decided to live as close as possible to the national stadium, so close that he sees it every day and still gets goose bumps.

Harvey RobertsonNominated by Harvey Robertson Jnr

A 1998 World Cup classic, Harvey was the instigator of The “Bannockburn Four”, a group made famous by scaling Scotland’s tallest flagpole at The Bannockburn Heritage Centre and “borrowing” the saltire flag to take it on the tour of a lifetime to France. Vive le football!

Johnny Martin

Continuing with 1998, Johnny certainly enjoyed himself, dying his hair blue and white to cheer on Brown’s Boys at the World Cup. It was safe to say, you couldn’t miss Johnny – he kept appearing on the telly!

Steven Mason Nominated by Angela Mason

With over 71 years of watching Scotland – spanning 7 World Cups and 3 European Championships – Steven was a stick-on for the starting line-up.

David Stewart

Another impressive CV, David has been following Scotland since 1973, attending 5 World Cups and 2 European Championships, experiencing more highs and lows than The Andes.

Ian Hollis Nominated by Emily Hollis

Scotland vs France 2007, a must win game for Scotland to keep hopes of Euro qualification alive. Ian made the trip to Paris with friends and found himself leading the “choir” of Scotland fans in the Parc des Princes. His enthusiasm for a sing-song back-fired however as he turned his back on the action, only to miss one of Scotland’s greatest ever goals from the left foot of James McFadden. The consolation? He’s made it into our Thirst 11.

Gordon WatsonNominated by Pamela Watson

A ticket to watch Scotland against the auld enemy can sometimes be tricky to come by, but some will go the extra mile to see the game. Take Gordon – he thought outside the box and bagged himself a job at Hampden as a waiter to “work” and somehow managed to watch the game instead – talk about doing whatever it takes!

Neil Ferguson

Be it trains, planes or automobiles, The Tartan Army are known for going the extra mile to follow Scotland the world over. Neil’s journey to the World Cup in 1982 was no exception. A 6-day round trip by bus from Glasgow to Torremolinos with no air conditioning. We hope he had a change of kit…

Ian Brown – Nominated by Ross McGraw

From Japan to the Faroe Islands, Ian is a foot soldier who’s racked up the miles – he’ll do whatever it takes to watch Scotland win (or lose) no matter where or when they are playing. The kind of commitment that can only be rewarded with a place in the Thirst 11.