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Our Heritage

For over 450 years, Tennent’s has had a place at the heart of every major social occasion in Scotland; from pivotal moments of Scottish history and culture down to personal moments we share with friends and family.

Tennent’s have been brewing at Wellpark for over 450 years.

Tennent’s association with brewing at Wellpark can be traced back to 1556, when Mary Queen of Scots was barely out of her infancy and Glasgow was little more than a village. It all began with Robert Tennent, who was a member of the famous Incorporation of Maltmen in Glasgow, with a constant thread to today that sees Tennent’s as the oldest business still in existence in Scotland.

Our Story

In 1885, a young Hugh Tennent discovered pilsner-style beer while in Bavaria. He then returned to Scotland to pioneer the launch of what is believed to be the UK’s first lager. A true innovator. The first draught lager in the world, the first ever can of lager and the first pilsner to be created in the UK. Only ever produced at our home, Wellpark Brewery.

The Brewery

Wellpark Brewery on Glasgow’s famous Duke St has been the home of Tennent’s Lager since 1885… although we’ve been brewing at the site since way back in 1556. Local Scottish farmers grow all of our barley – helping us get as much of Scotland as we can into each and every pint, can and bottle. The glorious, fresh water supplied to Wellpark comes from Loch Katrine; one of the finest supplies of drinking water anywhere in the world.