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Life in the Brewery

Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow is home to more than 450 years of brewing tradition and award-winning beers. Visit our Brewery to go behind the scenes and discover what makes Tennent’s unique and see why we’ve been part of Scotland and its culture for generations.

Your love of beer keeps us going

Our Brewery at Wellpark has catered for Scotland’s love of beer since 1556, and now produces an astonishing 150million (approx) crisp, refreshing pints to be enjoyed across Scotland and the world

It is home to 375 members of staff, from our expert brewers at the heart of the business, to our knowledgeable tour guides revealing the magic behind the brewery walls. Our skilled taste testers also play an integral part of the story, ensuring that every drop of Tennent’s leaving Wellpark is of the highest standard for the people of Scotland, and beyond, to enjoy.

The whole team is incredibly passionate about the importance of a perfect pint, and they aim to deliver this every time. Brewing has taken place here since 1556, originally by Hugh and Robert Tennent, making it the oldest continuous commercial concern in Glasgow. The enterprise remained within the Tennent family, and when Hugh Tennent (descendent of the original Hugh) visited Bavaria in 1885, he tasted local pilsner-style beers which inspired the creation of the liquid gold that became the UK’s first lager and is our nation’s favourite drink.

We have everything to thank Hugh for…

Certainly in terms of Tennent’s provenance and history, and we pay homage to him with a bright mural on the wall leading up to the entrance of our heritage centre to remind us of this.

We strive to ensure that every stage of the brewing process gives our beers a distinctive quality and unique flavour – and the brewing has largely remained unchanged from the beginning. To become part of our story, come and visit the brewery and see for yourself where the magic happens.