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We’re committed to brewing more sustainably, to create a better world for us all. Because life is bigger than beer.

Rebrewable Energy.

As of 1 April 2021, 100% of the electricity used in Wellpark, and our Scottish depot network is provided by renewable sources.

Out Standing In Our Field

Our commitment to using 100% Scottish Barley and fresh water from Loch Katrine, alongside the introduction of solar-assisted delivery vans means your local pint doesn’t clock up air miles on its way to your local.

Out of Plastics

We were the first brewer to join the UK Plastics Pact and we have now removed single use plastic from the packaging of our canned products following a £7million investment in equipment - you won't see Tennent's in plastic on shelf. We are removing circa 150 tonnes of plastic from the environment per annum, as all canned product formats now come in cardboard outers with shrink-wrap and 100 million hi-cone rings removed.

Carbon neutral delivery

We offset the carbon emissions of every shipment placed via We calculate the amount of CO2 created during the delivery of each individual shipment and purchase the equivalent in carbon credits, which are then used to offset emissions through deforestation protection projects.


We are working to reduce the amount of carbon we produce, which includes the construction of a carbon capture facility at our Wellpark brewery, which allows us to capture and store CO2 generated as a by-product of the brewing fermentation process. This CO2 is then used to carbonate Tennent’s Lager, meaning we no longer have to source CO2 from third parties, while eliminating 4,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year in transportation – the equivalent of 27,000 flights from Glasgow to London.

Here for a good time, and a long time.

We haven't sent any waste to landfill since 2012, and we provide natural by-products from making our beer to animal feed production.

Pint and A Plan

In partnership with 2050 Climate Group and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Tennent's is creating a space where people in Scotland can come and engage in discussions around climate change and sustainability. Pint and A Plan is a series of informal, friendly events that will explore how we can be empowered to take action on the climate crisis through the things we use, how we travel and how we use our money, all over a pint of course. Join us in Glasgow for the next event on the 27th October.