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Scottish Rugby

Tennent’s is getting behind our partners at Scottish Rugby as players head to France for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. From the grassroots to international competition, we’ve been long standing supporters of the sport and will be cheering on our National Team as they head over to France. Our partnership with the Scottish men’s and women’s National Teams, Edinburgh Rugby and Glasgow Warriors allows us to share every moment with the fans. We’re the first pint with your mates before the game, bringing friends together for the rallying cry, whether that’s from the stands, the pub, or your front room. But that’s not all, Scots headed to France to see the action in-person can still get a fresh pint of ‘T’ from one of the hand-picked venues in the country that will be serving our iconic lager. Whether you’re following the fixtures from your local or at a Scotland supporters’ pub in Paris, we’re buzzing for a World Cup worth remembering, and we’re sure you are too.


Word Cup match days with Tennent’s Lager

We’ll be right there with you during the 2023 Rugby World Cup, through the electrifying action and the iconic showdowns (we’re looking at you, Ireland v Scotland) as well as those “OOFT” moments that we’re sure the big event is bound to produce.

Starting on September 8, fixtures will kick off with France v New Zealand and will last through to the end of October. The Scotland team will make its first appearance against South Africa on September 10. You can keep up with all the action by following @tennentslager on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Tennent’s Translates

With thousands of Scotland rugby fans getting ready to descend on France, we’re bringing language lessons to socials. Forget the pocket translations, Tennent’s Translates will teach the Scotland fans handy French phrases for your time across the channel. From ordering a pint of Tennent’s in the pub, to useful rugby phrases, we’ve got you covered! Join us, with help from two Scotland rugby stars, as we launch the series on socials throughout the tournament.