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Rugby World Cup 2023

This summer, the best rugby teams in the world are going to France for the World Cup. Scotland will be there, so that means the best fans in the world will be too, and they deserve to find the best lager waiting for them! From the scrums to the spear tackles, Scotland fans in France can enjoy every moment of the 2023 Rugby World Cup with an ice-cold pint of Tennent’s Lager. So come on Scotland and come on Scotland fans! There's a cold pint of ‘T’ waiting for you at selected Scotland supporters’ pubs en France…


Where can I buy Tennent’s lager at The Rugby World Cup?

Tennent’s has handpicked venues in France that will be serving our iconic lager throughout the 2023 World Cup.

Just click on the different icons for more information on where to find a pint of Tennent’s in France during the big event.

Supporting from home

If you’re watching Scotland at the 2023 Rugby World Cup at home, why not do so in the best way possible? Our at home bar kit, is the best way to impress and entertain your mates! It includes two Tennent’s T pint glasses, a Tennent's bar runner, a Tennent's bar blade, and a Tennent's bar staff T-shirt, which you can get in sizes S-XL.