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Get to Germany: A Race to Support Scotland

Yes, it was not a dream; it’s real and it’s fast-approaching - the Tartan Army is headed to Germany this summer. And what a team we have, McTominay, Robertson, and many more under the watchful eye of team manager Steve Clarke. But they aren’t the only high-performance Scottish competitors headed across the channel. Oh no, our Get to Germany challenge is now underway with three teams primed and ready to take it all.


Thirsty Business

We fully expect this race to be a test for our teams … but thankfully for them, when they get to Germany – we’ll already be there!

Our 1885 lager will be available in several locations across the country, and we’ll be setting up a fanzone for those supporting from home too. Find your nearest pint of T 1885 on this map:

Meet the teams

Three lucky teams will be racing across Europe to join the Tartan Army, tackling challenges, answering riddles and seeing some iconic locations along the way.

So who’s racing for accommodation during the group stage and maybe even a ticket or two to attend one of the matches? Let’s meet them:

Meet the team

Beth and William

Aberdeen FC season ticket holders, William Wallace and his daughter Beth are lifelong football fans. Radio show host Beth would travel across the country to attend Scotland games with her mum as a little girl, and William is still a regular on the pitch, playing in a local team aged 69. Do the ‘dynamic duo’ have what it takes?

Meet the team

Ewan and Chris

Peterhead’s Ewan Oman and Chris Gibson are proper Scotland die-hards, and are founding members of the North East Tartan Army. Chris even created his own Tartan Army pub in his garden during Covid. It’s a dream come true for the pair, but are they ready for the challenges that lie ahead?

Meet the team

Paul and Euan

Paul Mullan and Euan McLelland from Paisley consider themselves the “Lost Generation” of Scotland fans, growing up while Scotland haven’t played at a major tournament. The two 36-year-olds are headed to Germany for both the football and Euan’s stag do - but can they get there before the others?

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