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Raised In Scotland

At Tennent’s, we definitely feel Raised in Scotland. And not just because Tennent’s Lager has been proudly brewed in Scotland since 1885. It’s also because, as the nation’s favourite, we know many of you have literally raised up a glass bearing our famous red T during key moments of your life. From weddings to gigs to the best nights out ever. And just as you’ve raised a glass of Tennent’s, we’re dedicated to raising things up too. Elevating the moment to make it truly special. Striking moments. Magic moments. Oooft moments.

OoofT moments

Our new TV ad features Scottish football icon James McFadden and Scotland rugby captain Rachel Malcolm. Using our trademark sense of humour, we’re celebrating the connection between the quality of Tennent’s Lager and those special moments that resonate with us Scots. The moments that make you say, ‘Oooft’.

Putting the OoofT in Tennent's

We use Oooft for pretty much everything in Scotland, so we thought we’d have some fun with it. From cracking goals to questionable fashion choices, we wanted to show that Tennent’s offers the very best OOOFT possible and one that’s uniquely ours.

Only ever brewed at Wellpark, Glasgow

Tennent’s Lager is made with soft Highland water, the finest Scottish barley and the skills and experience of our Wellpark Brewery team. So OOOFT is definitely the perfect way to sum up that first satisfying sip.

Coming soon

The next time you experience the Oooft moment of raising a pint of delicious Tennent’s Lager to your lips, do it in one of our new, Raised in Scotland pint glasses.

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