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Tennent's Community Champions

Tennent’s Lager is giving Scotland’s football fans a reason to still celebrate the game this winter with the launch of a charity partnership with not one, but three community football teams that are making a difference across the country. Cathkin Blazes, Fife Wanderers and Glasgow Saints have each been selected by Tennent's in recognition of the brilliant work they are doing in their local communities; from supporting refugees and working with food banks (Glasgow Saints); to providing an inclusive and safe space where women and nonbinary people can learn to play football (Cathkin Blazes); to creating a walking football club for older men to keep fit and remain socially active (Fife Wanderers).

Community Champion Strips

To show its support Tennent’s has created a bespoke Christmas jumper-themed shirt for each team which are available for sale with all proceeds going to charities. The charities have been picked by each of the teams and include Everlasting Foodbank, SAMH and UBUNTU Women’s Shelter.

You can show your support by purchasing one of the limited edition shirts which are available from our online store below.


Cathkin Blazes

Cathkin Blazes are an inclusive and beginner-friendly football group encouraging women and non-binary people onto the pitch, who want to learn to play football in a non judgemental space. Formed in 2021 in Glasgow's southside, the Blazes look to create opportunities for fun, fitness and friendship - the need for which has only grown as a result of the pandemic.


Fife Wanderers

Fife Wanderers are a walking football based in Kirkcaldy but who have stretched across the Fife region, hosting sessions both in Leven and Glenrothes. Walking football plays a vital role for those of a certain age across the country offering them an escape from potential social isolation, as well as, much needed light exercise to keep the players healthy.


Glasgow Saints

Glasgow Saints are a community football club in Glasgow's East End who push for social good at every turn. They have worked in food poverty, refugee welcoming, and are an entirely inclusive football club. They describe themselves as a club for everyone, and they aim to become a cornerstone for inclusiveness, integrity and equality both on and off the field, creating and maintaining sustainable positive change in the community around them.