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The Tennent's Story

How often do you get the chance to be face to face with a genuine Scottish icon? Heritage and being able to tell our story is very important to us here at Tennent’s Brewery. See for yourself where the magic happens on our Brewery Tour, then get a sense of what makes our beer so unique by exploring our visitor centre. Please note: we are currently closed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, but we hope to open our doors to you very soon. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when we are open again.

Taking you through our rich history, our immersive experience traces the history of Tennent’s Lager, from the 1500s to the present day.

The Tennent’s Story will take you behind the scenes of the famous beer with a brewery tour, followed by a chance to explore our visitor centre, covering everything about beer – from its origins, production, provenance, and place in Scottish culture.

Behind the scenes

We want to showcase everything we do at Wellpark Brewery. That’s why our tour is access all areas. We’ll take you around the entire brewery to see the process from start to finish. You’ll even get hands-on with ingredients and have a chance to sample the freshest pints of Tennent’s Lager you will ever get to drink.

A tour to suit everyone

We have a range of tours on offer to give guests something that suits their tastes, ranging from a simple tour of the brewery and a beer masterclass to hopping on a bike to go and see some of Glasgow’s most famous sights.

Our visitor centre

As part of the Tennent’s Story you’ll have the chance to visit our visitor centre, where you’ll discover how Tennent’s became part of Scottish culture and marvel at moments from our iconic advertising campaigns, T in the Park festival, and more. Motion capture animations developed by Glasgow School of Art, personal stories from generations of Tennent’s alumni, and fascinating artefacts from days gone by will take you on a monumental journey.

Stay for a pint!

In addition to our gift shop at the Tennent’s Story where you will find merchandise and exclusive items not available anywhere else, you can visit our brewery bar. Here, we serve the famous unpasteurized tank lager – the freshest pint of Tennent’s you will ever try – as well as our range of Tennent’s Authentic Export Beers.